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Wir danken allen Beteiligten, welche das Projekt "EinBlick in den Untergrund" zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis gemacht haben!

Nous tenons à remercier tous les participants d'avoir fait le projet " Regardons sous terre " une expérience inoubliable !

Desideriamo ringraziare tutti i partecipanti per aver reso il progetto "Sguardo nel sotterraneo" un'esperienza indimenticabile!

We would like to thank all participants, who made the project "Insight into the Underground" an unforgettable experience!

Insight into the underground

In the anniversary year 2023, the general public will be given access to well-known and lesser-known, exciting structures under the heading "Insight into the Underground". As part of the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Tunneling Society (STS), anyone interested can visit and experience a large number of underground construction sites and existing underground structures in 5 clusters/regions spread across Switzerland.


The public should be able to see

...what lies behind the infrastructure used on a daily basis.

…how the underground can be used in even more ways.

…how fascinating underground construction is.

…how security is guaranteed.

...which challenges planners, contractors and maintenance are faced with.


Switzerland was divided into the following 5 clusters/regions, in which various underground construction objects can be visited on the following dates:

Here you will find all information about the offers and, where necessary, the possibility to register. The offer, which is constantly being expanded, is open to everyone and participation is, with a few exceptions, free of charge. Information on the STS can be found at

Impressions May 6, 2023

Impressions June 17, 2023

Impressions August 26, 2023

Impressions September 16, 2023